Making LibreOffice theme work in KDE / Plasma 5

25.05.2015   kde

So I made the switch to Kubuntu since they upgraded to KDE / Plasma 5 (which is really nice, btw) and noticed LibreOffice is almost unusable since the default KDE theme Breeze is not supported. Lo and behold, this is an issue since 2012: (but I'm sure someone will fix it soon, nobody uses KDE > 3 anyway /s). Until then, follow along to make it work with Breeze by ignoring Breeze:

mkdir -p ~/.config/plasma-workspace/env
cd ~/.config/plasma-workspace/env
echo "#!/bin/sh" >
echo "export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde" >>
chmod u+x

This is mostly just so I can find it again after I invariably rm -rf --no-preserve-root.